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After Bankruptcy Credit Repair

One may be tempted to sit back and do nothing about an after bankruptcy credit repair because the argument is that the bankruptcy stays on one’s file anyway for ten years. What’s the point then of carrying out an after bankruptcy credit repair?

That kind of nonchalant or indifferent attitude may even get you in deeper trouble. Usually, someone who is proactive and cares about his financial rating is going to do something to his advantage right on day 1.


To re-establish credibility of course. To mend whatever is broken, and to maintain good relations with your bankers, creditors and anyone who is in the most subtle position to influence how your financial picture will look like from now on. An after bankruptcy credit repair is therefore intelligent planning on your part. And the sooner you do it, the better it is for your credit score. It may be a slow, excruciating process, but with time, people will realize you mean business and are doing everything to get back on your feet. After all bankruptcy is no longer the rare disease it once was. Your next door neighbor could have filed for bankruptcy and your gym coach may have done the same thing.

After bankruptcy credit repair: something beyond your capability?

Since bankruptcy is considered somewhat of a drastic move in the money scheme of things, and a bit of a complicated issue involving a set of dynamics different from a straightforward credit repair matter, you may consider a lawyer-assisted credit repair. He may be able to guide you on what steps you can take when the bankruptcy is put on your record and resides there for the next 7-10 years. Or his partner may know of a credit lead repair that many people still do not know about.

Before you rush over to your lawyer’s office, however, you may wish to make a pit stop at the credit bureau and see if you could obtain a copy of your latest credit report. You are allowed one free credit report per year – that’s the law – and if you note some discrepancies, you may want to discuss these with your lawyer.

After bankruptcy credit repair is like waking up the next morning after a hideous nightmare. But the idea is to keep moving, facing front, not back. Start by making timely payments on all debt, temper your credit card use, and consolidate all debt. Speak to your creditors – yes – even after you’ve filed for bankruptcy. Who knows, once they see that you’re diligently doing after bankruptcy credit repair, they might be more predisposed to removing negative information from your file.

The above are just a few of the ways that prove you’re making an effort for after bankruptcy credit repair.

Guy Ray is an established author with more tan 200 articles to his credit.. If you’d like additional information about after bankruptcy credit repair visit his website at [http://www.all-credit-repair-tips.com].

After Bankruptcy Credit Repair
By Guy Ray

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