Cost of Auto Loans For People With Bad Credit

Cost of Auto Loans For People With Bad Credit – 3 Insights
By Susan Willis

Auto loans are not easy to come by if you have a low credit score. In today’s world, the credit score – or FICO score – is by far the number one factor that banks and other financial lenders look at when deciding on whether to fund a loan. This is just a hard fact.

Some people who have a bad credit score know that they can probably find a lender out there somewhere who will make them an auto loan, if they look hard enough. But, what would be the cost of auto loans for people with bad credit? Wouldn’t it be higher than that of an auto loan for someone with normal, good or excellent credit?

If you are wondering about the cost of auto loans for people with bad credit, here are 3 insights that can help to shed light on the situation:

1. Auto lenders prefer to lend to people with good credit because it saves them money:

Put yourself in the shoes of an auto lender for a moment. They would of course like to work only with people whom they believe have a very high chance of paying back the loans over time – with interest, of course. This makes complete sense, right? After all, they are in business to make money, not lose it.

2. Bad credit auto lenders have higher costs due to lending to higher-risk individuals:

It stands to reason, then, that lenders who make auto loans to people with poor credit scores have the same types of concerns, “Will this borrower pay back the loaned amount or will I have to one day write it off as a loss?”

If you look at all of the loans a given lender makes on the whole, they know that they will have to accept a higher percentage of losses from people with low credit scores. And, a loss is costly. In that sense, lenders who make loans to individuals with low credit scores do face higher costs.

3. Getting a bad credit auto loan should not cost you anything up front:

The good news is that there are a number of lenders out there who specialize in working with people who have bad credit scores. These lenders are no dummies – they do not want to lose their shirts on a loan-gone-bad! Instead, though, they find other ways to evaluate borrowers’ credit-worthiness besides just looking at their credit scores. They take into account employment history and other factors, as well. The bottom line: your loan should not cost you anything up front, even if you have bad credit.

These 3 insights explain how poor credit lenders can afford to make loans to people with poor credit scores without charging them additional costs to do so.

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