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Debt Consolidation Is Simple

In our Western culture we know way too much about debt. It is much more rare to find an individual or a family that is not in debt than it is to find people who are burdened by debt. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t we, living in the most well-developed society in the history of the world, no how to live in a way that keeps us free from debt? Obviously not. The good news, however, is that debt consolidation is possible and even simple to do.

Basically, the idea of debt consolidation is just what it sounds like. It is gathering all of your separate debts into one large debt and simplifying your monthly payments into one lump monthly sum. It is much easier to keep a handle on spending and on paying off debt when you have a big picture perspective that debt consolidation brings.

The first step in making debt consolidation a reality is to gather all of your financial information and your debt obligations into one place. Too often people are not even aware of how much debt they are in or of how much interest they are paying on each debt by not paying it off quickly. So gathering each debt will help you to get an accurate picture of what amount of debt consolidation you have to do.

Do not be afraid to meet with a financial advisor or planner during this time. It is wise to seek the council of professionals who are trained to help people with debt consolidation and to making financial freedom a real, tangible possibility for families no matter what their financial status is currently. Do not attempt to make it through the process of debt consolidation on your own, especially if you have little or no real idea of what you need to do.

A great way to lower the possibility of future debt or of further need for debt consolidation is to get rid of all of your credit cards except one. Consolidate your credit card debt and then get rid of them. Having multiple credit cards only gives you an excuse to spend more money that you do not really have on things that you do not really need.

Find a way to create a living budget and then stick to it. Be generous enough to not make your life miserable, but don’t be so free with your money that you continue to add to the need for debt consolidation. Learn to live within your means. Yes, you may have made some poor financial decisions in the past, but that does not have to hinder you from making better decisions for the future of your family.

Debt consolidation is a wise first step in moving toward financial freedom. Don’t wait any longer to make steps toward eliminating debt in your life.



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