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Debt Consolidation Vs Credit Counseling – Exploring Debt Reduction Options

With so many debt reduction options available to you, it’s easy to get confused on which is the most effective. Debt consolidation allows you to lower interest rates and payments on your own. But credit counseling can help you find other ways to reduce your debt and develop future financial goals.

Going Alone With Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is a quick way to reduce your interest charges and monthly payments. With secure loans, like a cash out refi, your rates can drop by half or more. You can also select terms that give you a reasonable monthly payment. Remember though that the longer the loan, the higher the total interest charges will be.

Selecting a fixed rate loan also gives you the security of knowing what your payments will always be. There’s no worry that a jump in the minimum payment will send you into the red.

It’s important to be a careful shopper when selecting a consolidation loan. Differences in rates and loan fees can mean savings of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, online lenders and broker sites help you get quotes in a few minutes. You can also finish your loan application online, with most loans closing in two weeks or less.

Getting Third Party Help With Credit Counseling

Credit counseling brings a new set of eyes to your debt issues. As experts in debt reduction, credit counselors can help you develop strategies for eliminating your debt. This might mean developing a budget with a debt consolidation loan. Or they may suggest using the services of a debt manager.

Credit counselors can point out areas where you can save money, such as switching account holders. They also help you plan for the future by developing a savings strategy. Credit counselors aren’t simply focused on reducing your debt; they look at your entire financial picture.

Picking The Best Option For You

Credit counseling is best for those who want to do a total makeover of their finances. It’s ideal for those who want to make long term changes, but need help in deciding what are their best financial choices.

For those who strictly want to get out of debt, consolidating your loans is a good choice. In a short amount of time, you can save yourself money with better rates.

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