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Post Bankruptcy Auto Loans

Post Bankruptcy Auto Loans – How Choosing the Wrong Lender Could Destroy You

Finding post bankruptcy auto loans can be a bit difficult if you are just emerging from bankruptcy. But it gets worse. Choose the wrong lender and they could end up saddling you with an interest rate so high, you find yourself worse than you were before you even filed for bankruptcy. In this article, I’ll outline the best strategy for getting an auto loan after bankruptcy and how to go about finding the best rates.

Be Upfront from the Outset
If you’ve declared bankruptcy it won’t be a secret, at least not to financial institutions. With this in mind, it’s important that when you first approach a lender, you are prepared to explain fully what happened and how you ended up a bankrupt. Usually a brief letter will suffice and all you have to include in it is details of past loans etc and any circumstances that contributed to you falling behind in payments. You’ll find that once you get over this initial hump, finding post bankruptcy auto loans will be a breeze.

Where to Look for a Loan
The best place to find bankruptcy auto loans is the internet. I say it’s the best because in recent times with the economy taking so big a nosedive, lots of people have filed for bankruptcy and companies have shifted business online to attract these new bankrupts.

These companies specialize in lending to people who have filed for bankruptcy, so your chances of being approved for a loan are very high. This is not to say it’s automatic and there aren’t pitfalls to avoid, but all in all, if you start online your chances of success are greater.

The only caveat I’ll issue is that when you search online, pay attention to the interest rate that these lenders extend to you. As a bankrupt, you’ll be vulnerable to high interest rates, since you are a higher credit risk. You won’t be able to borrow at the standard rate afforded to people with a better credit rating but it doesn’t mean you should let people take advantage of you. With that in mind, it’s best to go for a car that is within your budget. Sure, you may not be able to your dream car, but you’ll have a much better chance of getting approved for a less expensive car.

That’s it in a nutshell. The process of finding post bankruptcy auto loans is not terribly complicated. Just keep your eyes peeled online and take action.

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–Sarah Anne Miller

Post Bankruptcy Auto Loans – How Choosing the Wrong Lender Could Destroy You
By Sarah Anne Miller

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